Custom Event Passes in Subsequent Custom Link Call




We made a request to our website developer to trigger custom link call A when user clicks a specific button on a page. As part of custom link call A, we also requested to pass custom event 1. After this change we implemented, custom link call A was firing correctly.

The issue we've been noticing though is when a user clicks another button that triggers custom link call B. We noticed that custom event 1 is also passed in custom link call B even though it should only pass in custom link call A. Can anyone suggest any direction we should point our developers to in order to fix this problem?

Our developer said: the parameter field is set to {} (empty object) for custom link call B. That means that it is Omniture setting the event values, not the front-end code.

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Hi John,

After your initial click on the first button, try calling s.clearVars();

The s.clearVars() Function

That would ensure that any previous variables set are not associated with the next ones.

Hope it helps.