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Hi there

I would like to know, if it is possible to add custom date ranges in Adobe Analytics, not Workspace. I can see the date range manager in the menu, but when I add a custom date range it won't show in the calender. Specifically, I want to compare the numbers of October with the number of September. Therefore I choose "Last month" for the October numbers, and now I want to choose "2 month ago" or similar for the September numbers. Both should be rolling (monthly).

Can anyone help me?

Thank, Patrik

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Patrik,

  I think you can choose October month from calendar as preset "Last month" & September month by selecting all days using mouse drag. Book-mark the report. By default, it should be set to monthly rolling. Otherwise also, you can also schedule it to be sent (rolling monthly per you requirement) using "Advanced Delivery Options", screenshot attached. Try accessing book-marked report or the scheduled reports, it should work for your case...

Let me know if you see an issue.

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Answers (2)



Hi Suhail Parkar

No, I don't think you understood correctly. I want to compare October with September, but these month shoud be rolling (monthly), because next month I want automatically compare November with October. Therefore I need to add a custom date range which is "2 month ago". I did that in the date range manager, but I cannot choose this in the "select preset" date ranges in the report - see attachment.

Thanks for your help.




Hi Patrik - 

If I understood correctly then yes, we can add custom date ranges in adobe analytics. See top right option to select date. Please refer attached screenshot.

Also, try this in a different browsers.

Hope this helps.


-Suhail Parkar