Custom Conversion Variable (eVar) not reflecting in omniture report




We are using adobe analytics for our enterprise application. We are setting some custom values through custom conversion variable (eVar)  programmatically by taking reference of Using s.linkTrackVars and s.linkTrackEvents .

Example :

   if (!window['s']) {



  s.linkTrackVars = 'eVar211,eVar212,events';

  s.linkTrackEvents = 'event20';

  s.eVar211 =  'test1';

  s.eVar212 =  'test2'; = 'event20';, 'o', 'custom link track');

Evars are getting reflected on omnibug plugin of chrome browser correctly whereas its not reflecting on omniture tool at path `Reports > custom conversion`. Please help to understand on following points -

  • After what time interval `eVars` gets reflected on omniture tool once its set ? is it possible to reflect it at realtime ?
  • Is there another way to set `eVars` to custom changing values ?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




If condition and code block looks not standard, though adobe setting is correct. You said you can see eVars in debugger. Can you paste image request here for validation?

Many things can go wrong :

Code condition

Select image request status in network tab, it should be 200.

Check if tracking server is incorrect.

Check if you are sending data in correct report suite.

Check if eVar is enabled in report suite settings.

eVar gets available in 60-90 min in analytics and reports and 120 min in workspace.

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Answers (2)





I don't see a full view but do you see event20 in network request?

I would also check following:

  • Delay link call by using delay link activation link in rule.

I doubt that other variables are in same call, it look your call is being suppressed by call on next or same page but as evar persist you see them in next call.  If it is not a case than i am curious why you adding only eVar211, eVar212 in s.linkTracrVar not other variables?