Custom Attribution Model within Calculated Metric

isaiaha67856992 04-12-2018

In this Adobe resource article (link below) it outlines how to create a Calculated Metric called 'Assisted Orders'. The instructions are to modify the default attribution model and use a Custom model with the following weighting..... Starter (0), Player (100), Closer (0).

Link to the article....

Order Assists Metric

I created a table in Analysis Workspace to look at Assisted Orders by Marketing Channel. As a comparison, I also added two more columns to the table:

Orders (First Touch Attribution Model)

Orders (Last Touch Attribution Model)

I am trying to understand the context of where Marketing Channels are participating the most (either as Starters, Players, or Closers). However, I'm having a hard time understanding how credit for orders is attributed differently when comparing the Assisted Orders metric and the Orders (Last Touch Attribution Model). For example, below is a few examples of conversion paths. How would attribution credit be distributed within these 3 models?

*Assume all attribution models are Visitor scoped.

Conversion path #1: Natural Search>Paid Search>Direct>Email>Direct = 10 orders

Conversion path #2: Natural Search>Email = 8 orders

Conversion path #3: Direct = 5 orders

How would orders be distributed within these attribution models?....

Assisted Orders (Custom attribution model with the weighting of Starter (0), Player (100), Closer (0))

Path #1 - ?

Path #2 - ?

Path #3 - ?

Last Touch Model

Path #1 - ?

Path #2 - ?

Path #3 - ?

First Touch Model

Path #1 - ?

Path #2 - ?

Path #3 - ?

Many thanks for you help!

Mark Solution

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isaiaha67856992 11-12-2018

Hi Gigazelle -

Perhaps I was not clear in my example. The 3 path sequences I laid out are all different users. I'm trying to understand how different lengths of path sequences are "scored" under different attribution models. For example, one of my underlying questions is when looking at the path sequences in the "Assisted Orders" model, how would it attribute credit for Path #2? In this scenario, the 'Starter' and 'Closer' touch points are essentially the only touch points in this sequence.... but based on the model's weights, the 'Starter' and 'Closer' touch points have a weight of "0". So then how credit distributed? 100% of the credit in this model goes to the "Player" touch points....but since the path sequence is only two touch points, there is not "Player" touch points.


At the time of the event, it looks at everything up to that point. Path 3 would also take into account paths 1 and 2, as long as they were in the same reporting window.