Cross-domain tracking issue



We just rolled out a new site, in which the tracking was set up via Launch. We identified that we now have a cross-domain problem.

The site we just implemented is and all tracking is lost when you click the "TICKETS" link to a new server,

We're seeing that a couple of the Cookie IDs we set up are the same between the two servers, but there's definitely something wrong since we're seeing all of the traffic enter through the booking engine with no referrer/channel.

Can someone debug and offer some advice? Thanks in advance!


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Hi David

I can't access the domain:
But it could be several things.

1. Do you have the marketing cloud visitor ID enabled on both domains?

2.Is the the cookiedomain period set to the same. (should be 2 in your case)

3. The namespace for the tracking is the same on both domains?4. Are the trackingservers set to be the same across both domains?

If you are okay with it, you could share (or send in a PM) a screenshot of each network request (one for the hollywood. subdomain and one for the hhntickets.subdomain) That way it's easier to see the difference.