Cross domain, Cross site traffic analysis - Best Practice?

ptrost 02-03-2020

I'm in the beginning steps of gathering data & insights regarding visitors to a few of our sites. I'll try to explain the situation the best I can for a No0b:

  • We have 3 main sites, each with their own report suite. I also have a rollup suite that includes these sites (plus one other).
  • I have an eVar on each site (plus the rollup) that captures the Experience Cloud Visit ID. I'm using the same eVar number in each if that matters.
  • Each site receives a large amount of traffic per month; millions of visits each. If the volume was less, I would simply export all traffic with the needed data fields from each site into Excel or PowerBI and do a quick Venn or Crosstab to report on the overlap using Visitor ID as a "primary key" of sorts.

I'm sure that we have visitors that go to all three sites in their purchase journey. Not only would I like to know the number of cross-site visitors to each site, but I'd also like to know a bit more about this journey.


My question: What have you found to be best practice or your preferred way to identify these visitors in the rollup suite; while still being able to report WHICH site they traveled to and from? This seems like a simple request; I think I may be overthinking it or missing a step. Either way, thanks so much for the help and advice!

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JDungan 03-03-2020

This may not be the answer you want, but I use a global suite for my sites, then use Virtual Suites to break down the traffic per site....


However, being on a Global suite, with all sites being "internal" traffic, I set up pathing on the "site name" value to see if users were moving from Site A to Site B (but I also make sure that the site name is part of the pageName so it comes through in the standard pathing report) - this is because Site A won't be a referrer to Site B, or vice versa.... 


The rollup report suites can't help with the cross-report suite data analysis.