Cross Device Metrics in Workspace(Mobile, Tablet & Desktop)



Hello everyone. I have a question about cross-device tracking. I was wondering if anyone knew how to track cross-device user's in Adobe Workspace so for example how many unique visitors use more then one device while visiting our website.

So distinguishing from:

Mobile + Tablet

Mobile + Desktop

Mobile + Tablet + Desktop

Desktop + Tablet

And the user's that only use single devices




This would be interesting a insight and opportunity to see if cross-device users convert more then single device users.

Does anyone know if this is possible?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




It's technically possible if you use s.visitorID overrides, but those break any usage of the Experience Cloud ID service. Docs on cross-device tracking are found here:

Cross-Device Visitor Identification

I would advise against using this right now, though. Adobe has plans to make significant improvements to this workflow, so I'd recommend hanging tight until around Summit 2019

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