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Hello!  I have two questions related to a configuration issue we identified and corrected.


We had an issue where an eVar was defined to only have a month expiration, when the ideal expiration should have been "never" (value was an ID that passed to identify a user on site that doesn't have authentication or other method of defining users).  We were using this to roughly tie Marketing Cloud ID to a GUID.  We started running into reporting issues where the expiration resulted in the value showing as unspecified in reports that had smaller date ranges.


  1. When an eVar is reset (for instance from "month" to "never"), is data reprocessed or is there a way to reprocess?  Or do expired eVars need to have a value passed again to them to capture that data?
  2. Is it possible to use segment builder to check the value of an eVar outside of the date range?  For example a value set in eVarx expired 15 days ago, and the timeframe applied to workspace is only 14 days, but still identify previous value tied to ECID?  My initial thought is no, but wanted to confirm


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Hi @andylunsford1 ,

Regarding your first question, when you change the expiration of the eVar from month to Never then the eVar values which are set with the previous expiration will continue with the previous settings. However, for the new values, the new expiration will be applied. Making the change to the eVar expiration will not have any impact on the historical data. The change will only reflect going forward after making this change.

Regarding your second question, if the previous value has expired already then it will not show in the reports based on my understanding.

Hope this helps.





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1. evar values set with the previous expiration will continue with the old setting. Only the new values will follow the altered expiration settings.

2. I am not very sure about this. If a previous value was set and expired it will not show in the reports. However, if the current evar value is the same as previous one, the report will show attached to the ECID.