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Hi all,

I have a fairly simple task to complete and I have not been able to find the adequate resources online to help me solve it. I am hoping somebody here can answer some of my basic questions fairly quickly.

NOTE: our website does not use DXM and has a javascript implementation of Adobe Analytics.

What I am trying to do:

- Create a report in Adobe Analytics that allows me to see the Social Shares of content across my website

- Currently, we have social share buttons that correspond to individual pieces of content (multiple articles on a page), as well as social share buttons that correspond to an entire page (one page devoted to a single video)

- I want to see the quantity of "Social Share" buttons being clicked along with the following values each time one is clicked:

     - Value 1: Name of Content that is being shared (i.e. Digital Trends 2017 White Paper)

     - Value 2: Name of social platform it's being shared on (i.e. Facebook)

     - Value 3: Page Name (note: non-essential if Name of Content can be derived from a Page)

What I have already:

- A newly created event, s.prop, and e.var for 'Social Shares' programmed into Adobe Analytics

- Custom Event report with no data

- Custom Traffic Report with no data

- Custom Conversion Report with no data

- An SDR that maps out all events, s.props, and e.vars

What I need to figure out:

- What do I do now?

     - Do I have to go to our developer with the above^ and have them alter the code to include the new event, s.prop. and e.var?

     - Do I need to do anything else?

     - Our developer does not have extensive experience with Adobe Analytics either. Is there documentation for developers to follow on how they are supposed to alter the code?

Thank you kindly for your help.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi S,

First of all, I highly recommend migrating to DTM. It is Adobe's best practice when it comes to implementing Adobe Analytics and gives you incredibly faster control over your data quality with minimal JavaScript knowledge required.

That aside, let me try to help:

  1. Here's the knowledge base for JS implementation developers: Implementing Analytics Using JavaScript 
  2. Here's a userful guide on tracking on click events, like you are discussing, and setting events, eVars, and props: Setting Additional Variables for File Downloads, Exit Links, and Custom Links
  3. Finally, this may be helpful for QA: Testing and Validation

Good luck!

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