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I was wondering if it is possible to create a segment from a list.

Example, if I wanted to create a segment from the dimension "Products Owned" I would usually have to drag in that dimension several times, define as product equals "x", product equals "y", etc.

This is fin if you are looking at 10 or 20 such rows.  It really becomes time consuming if you are in the hundreds.  Especially if there isn't an opportunity to use "contains", etc.

The specific case that has made this more urgent is a request to create a segment from a list of ID numbers  see the example below:


See here that if the list was only 5 line items or 10, this is not an issue to create.  However, this is a list of 250.  So it will be a long process to create.

Is there not a way (as in Target) to use "contains" and separate by commas?  Example: SWID    Contains     SW123,SW1234,SW456, etc.

When I try using contains, contains all of, etc, the data either doesn't come int, or it varies greatly from taking the separate row approach.

My apologies if there is already a string for this.  I searched and couldn't seem to find anything with the terms I was using.



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Accepted Solutions (1)




did you try "contains any of" and add the desired strings with space delimeter?

you can find more information here:

Remark: maybe it's worth going for a classification. depending how many items you have and many segments you need or how dynamic the values are you could classify the items and create the segments based on the classified value. more here:

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Answers (2)




Assuming you have a rather static list for your search criteria, if you run into any performance issues (which can happen on segments with many or complex contains statements) the other solution is to use classifications.

You can set all desired search criteria to the same classification value. Then do an equals segment criteria based off of the classification. I realize this is more work, but if performance becomes an issue use a contains any of criteria, it is the way to go.