Create Segment for visits over 100

H_L 17-04-2018

Hello Seniors,

May I know how to create segment for "total visits" over like 100 times?

I tried use "visits" or "visit number" in Hits/Visits/Visitors, none is correct.


As you can see, following screen shows "Visits" lower than 100 as well.


Please help to suggest.

Thank you.


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Accepted Solutions (1)


Took me a while to figure out that you're talking about total number of visits, and had absolutely nothing to do with how frequently a user visits.

This calculated metric will get you exactly what you're looking for.


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Answers (11)

H_L 25-11-2018

Hello Gigazelle,

Thanks for your reply, sorry I didn't check this on time.

I will try and get back in case this does not work.



H_L 06-05-2018


I wrongly used "Visti Number" since the purpose is to filter "visits" over 100.

But I also not able to get it if I use "visit" is greater than 100 instead of "Visit Number".

From no.6 reply you can see, items "visits <100" are still listed.




What dimension are you using? If I create a segment where visit number is greater than 10, then pull a visit number report, I get perfectly expected data:

mubarakd5726232 27-04-2018


1. Visit Number : This is a visit counter (to date) and so if you take the scenario ..

Visit no. 1 : 1st April

Visit no. 2 :  2nd April

Segment 1 : Visit container : Visit no => 2

Segment 2 : Visitor container : Visit no =>2

Report time frame

1st April : Segment 1 : Visits = 0

1st April : Segment 2 : Visits= 1

2nd April : Segment 1 : Visits = 1

2nd April : Segment 2 : Visits = 1

1st April - 2nd April : Segment 1 : Visits 1

1st April - 2nd April : Segment 2 : Visits 2

2. Segment using visits metric.  Use this if you want to measure no. of visits within report timeframe. HOWEVER .. you need to create the segment using the visitor container.

Hope that helps

H_L 26-04-2018

I tried Hits/Visits/Visitor Level.

Hits level returns: Report contains no data

But if I use Visits or Visitor level, visits < 100 items are still shown, that's why I feel weird:

Following is the one using: Visitor Level. Dimension is VistiorID.


You can see, there are items Vistis < 100.

H_L 26-04-2018

Hello Edison,

Yes, I also tried to use "visit", and set following segment:


But the report was in error: Report contains no item


When I remove the "Visit" >=3, you can see the page report:


I tried to set "Visit" >=3, and checked in "Visitor ID" report as well, got the "Report contains no item" error which is impossible.

I don't really believe there is no visitor have more than 3 visits to our site...

So, I am confused.

Thank you.


H_L 26-04-2018


Thank you for your reply, I will try it soon.

But I still cannot understand, why it doesn't work to use "segment" set the criteria to: visit > 100.

Hopefully there was someone could help to clarify the reason.

I will get back and let you know if it does work of your recommendation.