Create a segment with Datawarehouse dimension page url



We are currently collecting development and production data in the same report (we are in the process of migrating and collecting the data separately in the future).
From DataWarehouse we can filter the internal traffic in the reports through the url page, but this is not accessible from the workspace.

We currently have a marketing team that only has access to Workspace and wants to remove internal traffic from reports.

We have thought about filtering by ip or cookie, but when using dynamic ips we believe that data will continue to be filtered into reports.

We know that we can create an evar that collects this data, but we are in the middle of a migration and at the moment we find ourselves in a project, this would waste a lot of time. In addition we need to filter the data from three months ago

Would there be a way to create a segment in Workspace that would collect the data from the url page that we can see in DataWarehouse?

Thanks a lot


page url

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