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We have been seeing orders and revenue recorded in our Adobe Analytics production environment that were completed in a staging environment. The IT team thinks they have narrowed it down to a change in the DTM tag and is fixing it. But now I'd like to filter out any transactions in workspaces that came from these environments. 


The only idea I came up with was to use our Order ID variable as it seems all the erroneous transactions have an order ID of 5 digits instead of 6. Is there a way to say Order ID DOES NOT MATCH 5 digits?  I tried ##### and *****

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @e30powar,

Couple of options -

1. If you are tracking page url or domain or report suite id in any variable (prop/eVar) to differentiate stg vs production environment than create a exclude segment based on available options. If not start tracking it.

2. If you using virtual report suite, use segment created through step #1 to exclude data from virtual report suite.

3. As you can't directly use regular expression to count "order id" characters in segments in that case use auto classification rule builder to create a rule for order id having 5 digits vs all others and use that classification in segment to exclude data by either using #1 or #2 method.




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