Count metric based on subsequent action

mrbruneau 19-02-2020


My website has events that fire on both Search Results and the Product Pages.

I want to be able to say "x number of Searches happened WITHOUT a subsequent Product view" and "x number of Searches happened WITH a subsequent Product view

So for example if this were my hit data:

VISIT 1Page1Search Results
VISIT 1Page2Product Page
VISIT 1Page3Search Results
VISIT 1Page4Product Page
VISIT 1Page5Search Results

I would want the resulting count of search events (or even pageviews) to be:

Searches Resulting in Product ViewSearches NOT Resulting in Product View


Can anyone tell me how this is possible in Adobe, give a single visit might contain both sequences?




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surajp86368405 19-02-2020

you will probably have to use sequential segments. For your first segment you could say page = "search page" and then next hit page="product details page". you can create the other segment with a not condition.