Correlate Product Profile with Report Suites in Adobe Analytics



I am an administrator for one of the Login company


I have a request from one of our users who needs access to a couple of Report Suites. Now I do see that we have over 200 Product Profiles. I am not aware of how these Product Profiles are organized or which Report Suite is part of which Product Profile.


Is there a way for you guys to provide us with these details so that it would be easier for us to quickly provide access rather than keep guessing and go through the 200 Product profiles searching for the Report Suites.

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Hi @vmaddikunta,

If you want to check which report suite is linked to which product profile you can follow the below steps.

1. Go to URL:

2. Go to Products tab & select the product from the left pane.
3. Select a specific product profile for which you want to check the report suites.

4. Navigate to the Permissions tab in the Product Profile & you will be able to find all the report suites associated with the Product profile there as shown below.





Hope this helps.