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Hi Guys,

Don't know if you have the same issue but I have a terribly hard time copying cell values in Adobe Analytics.
By that I mean copying them to paste them in an excel, a word,etc...

Classic example :

I need to copy the value in two cells, one is cutomer ID, the other beside it is revenue.

I select both cells then do CTRL + C  and....
...sometimes the copy happens, sometimes it does not at all !

I have to mash the keyboard, try different ways of selecting the cells. Right clicking, left clicking.
Most of the time i finally copy the values but this can take up to several minutes, this is ridiculous.

Heard the issue is less present with Mac than PC (to be confirmed).

Anyway, do you have a solution to do it? (other than exporting in csv)
If the issue was identified by Adobe, when is the fix planned in the release agenda?

Thank you,

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Accepted Solutions (1)




This has been a long-standing issue, since our engineering team has never been able to consistently reproduce it. We know it's out there; we're just waiting for a way to replicate it so engineering can dive into what's causing it and fix it. See this thread for more info: Copy/Paste from Workspace into Excel or Browser

Also, Workspace now has right click to copy, which works consistently across the board.

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