Copy Alert, then edit copy causes original to be edited too



Hoping someone can verify that what I am observing is not correct and specific to me only.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create an anomaly alert.
  2. Back in the "Alerts" screen, select that alert and choose "Copy".
  3. Edit the copy, then save it.
  4. Open the original alert.

Expected result:

The original alert has its original conditions, not what had been edited in the copy.

Actual result:

The original alert has the same settings as the copy. After editing-and-saving the original back to its conditions, the copy retains its own conditions.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Karandeep,

I think I've figured out that it's a problem with how the browser cache (or local storage?) is being set.

Any time I make a copy of an alert, I believe the browser caches the copied alert's conditions.

Subsequently, when I open the original alert – or even any other alert, the browser loads its cached version, which is the copied alert. As a result, this gives the impression that what I am seeing is the copied alert.

If I reload my browser (i.e. using Ctrl-R), the alert that I intend to open shows up with its correct conditions.

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Answers (1)




I tried replicating the same issue whereas I am getting what is expected that is "The original alert has its original conditions, not what had been edited in the copy."

Can you please try creating new alert in incognito mode and try the same steps an check if the same issue is appearing.


Karandeep Singh