Conversion variable segment using Then

marion33678522 29-06-2017

Hello Adobe Community !

I'm having some problems in getting results with a segment that should give me the visits whenever a visit sends an eVarX with a specific value (let s say A) in one page, then another value on the next page (lets say B) :


For this I use a 2 visit container segment with a "Then" in between.
Although this seems correct, I only get 0 values on Page views, visits and Unique visitors.

Could someaone explain if there are limitations to the "Then" segments ?

Thaks again for the help!

Cheers to the adobe community!


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Saurabh_Kumar1 30-06-2017

Hi marion33678522​ ,

    I don't see eVar expiration "hit" setting to cause low values. Can you check if eVarX with value B (using standard eVar report) reports visits significantly greater than the segment result visits for the given time period?

Let me know if you have anything more to share to fix this out...


Saurabh Kumar.

Answers (5)

Answers (5)

marion33678522 30-06-2017

Hello saurabh kumar

I'm still getting really low values, could it be that the expiration of the evar is causing this ? The evar has hit expiration date !

Thanks alot for the help!

Cheers !