Conversion Tracking Across Domains

brianm39971142 31-01-2017

We are doing some tracking across domains, as our conversion numbers are reporting very low. We're finding that some visits are tracking across our 2 domains just fine, while many are logging it as 2 separate visits. This is causing our tracking codes to not tie through to conversions. How can we track visits across domains to ensure proper conversion/revenue tracking?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

rossw61177531 31-01-2017

Per, you need to be on Marketing Cloud (enabled by Account Management) so you have a MC ORG ID, use the latest VisitorAPI.js (available from Analytics > Admin > Code Manager), and have had your tracking server migrated to RDC (regional data collection, uses instead of by Adobe Client Care. Then you can do cross-domain tracking where the same mid (Marketing Cloud ID) value in each image request is the same, from tracked domain-to tracked domain. ~Ross