Conversion from a Re-entry Channel



Good day experts,

In this post, Entry Page and Hit Depth, Real-Case  I asked one question about how to identify the Re-entry.

Now, I would like to understand how to get the conversion% contributed by the Re-entry channel.



Search from Google > Home Page > Series Page > Sub-Series Page > Product Page > Convert


Search from Google > Home Page > Series Page > Sub-Series Page > Search from Bing again then > Landing to Product Page > Convert


Search from Bing > Home page > Internal Search > Product Page > Convert


Search from Bing > Product Page > Series Page > Product Compare Page > Product Page > Convert

Besides the Adobe default "Referring Domain", we captured "Referral Domain" in a prop as well.

So, in this visit, we could capture "Referral Domain" 2 values:,

Under this situation, how can we get the "Source:Bing" conversion: from Bing AND landing on Product Page THEN convert?

Expected Result:

Converstion: 2, that is: Visit2 and Visit4 can be included.

When breakdown by Prop: Referral Domain:

Bing can be counted 2.

What I am doing: Create a segment:

Visit level

     Conatiner: Visit Level

          Referral Domain contains


          Page Type equals Product Page


     Container: Hit Level

          Convert exists

Actual Result: I can see Convert=2, but when breakdown by Referral Domain, only 1 can be counted under Bing. Which I think is visit2.



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