Considering only one Engagement per Visit via Segmentaion



Hi Everyone

Any suggestions on how can I build a metric where I want to keep engagement number as 1 if there are more than one engagements (video view, asset download, click to call etc) in a single visit. i.e. we want to consider only one engagement per visit event if there are more engagements?

For example: if a user comes to site and downloads an asset, views one video and click on the call button, it ideally makes 3 engagements but any solution (via segmentation/calculated metrics) if we can count it only as one engagement instead of 3 engagements

this is feasible via event serialization but that would need implementation change but at this time I would like to get it via segmentaion/calculated metrics.

Thanks in advance



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Create a segment based on visit where one the engagement happened ( so lets say all possibilities separated by OR)

Create a calculated metric drop in the segment and inside the segment container put visit. As visit is only counted once it will give you the metric you want