Complete URL not captured in g for SPA applications



Could someone help me on capturing full url including the query parameters in case of “Single page application - SPA” in variable “g”, details as follows:


  1. Implementation done via Adobe Launch
  2. Implementation Method- EDDL


Issue Description: When I navigate from page A to page B(SPA), url changes from to but the variable “g” in the adobe hit doesn’t capture the full url of the page B in page load call.


Impact: when I click on the CTAs on pageB, and If I break it down by url then it gives me incorrect results.


Alternatives Explored: Capturing page URL via Data Element Type: pageInfo and attribute: url and window.location.href. However, this is causing issues in the internal navigation clicks capturing the destination page url instead of current page due to timing issues.

g variable to capture url

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Can you check on the below approach once to get the full page URL. I see it is capturing for me.


Data Element --.Type (Custome Code) -->open editor then paste the code accordingly. 


var fullpageurl = window.location.href;

return fullpageurl;


Thank you,