Comparing this week so far with last week(to this point in the week)



I'm looking to create a work space that compares KPI for the current week vs last week at the same point using rolling dates so it can be sent out (scheduled). I want to be able to compare count data for this week so far  with last week up to this point  (like you would see on the real time reports e.g. +5.25% vs last week) but when I pull in last week it has the full count for the week. Is this possible? Can anyone help please?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



You can create custom Date Ranges. I recommend these two. They will capture the same whole days this week vs last week. I.e. Sunday through end of yesterday. You don't want to include today's data because the same day last week was a complete day, whereas today's data is incomplete.

Last Week:

  • Start: Start of current week minus 1 week
  • End: End of current day minus 8 days

This Week:

  • Start: Start of current week
  • End: End of current day minus 1 day