Comparing current date against the average of last same four days



I am trying to use this comparison as a baseline for my daily site check. Does anyone know how to create a segment that displays (Avg (same last four days)) - 

Current date Monday /  AVG "last four mondays" >   (Monday1, Monday 2, Monday , Monday4 )/4)

Ideally, i would like to see a calculated metric that displasy the percentage change between current day and the baseline shown above (also the "up to the hour" capability will be needed to have a fair comparison.




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I have made some improvements since I posted the above question. See screen shot for daily comparison.

Then, i created an hourly view that compares today against previous same day. I used hour of the day (time parting) but unfortunately you can't order by Desc or manually arrange as long as the dimension is on the Y axis. Any thought on this?


Also, it would be nice to have a function that filter up to the hour