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I'm looking to use two of the 'Common Analytics plugins' in a Launch setup. I'm getting good data on one, but not sure about the other and just want to confirm the proper setup.


  • I've installed the 'Common Analytics Plugins Extension
    Created a Rule, and initialized getNewRepeat and getTimeSinceLastVisit (see image below)
    In the Adobe Analytics Extension, 'Make tracker globally accessible' is checked
    In the 'Configure Tracker Using Custom Code', I've added:

In reporting, getNewRepeat seems fine - reporting both new and repeat visitors.
However, getTimeSinceLastVisit only reports 'New Visitor' and prop22 does not show up in the debugger.


The plugin documentation adds the following line,

s.linkTrackVars = s.apl(s.linkTrackVars, "prop22")

but when I add that, the library seems to fail - no Adobe Analytics code found on page, according to the debugger.
Is that the proper procedure?


The version history comment states

Now uses formatTime and inList plug-ins for the return value.

Does that mean I have to include those plug-ins as well?




Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 2.00.27 PM.png

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I've realized that I can use the stock Workspace 'First Time Visitors' and 'Return Visitors' Segments, and the 'Days Since Last Visit' Dimension to get the data I need, so I've got that. Any advice on the plugins would still be appreciated!




Add APL (Append to list) function from the plugin and check it after one visit expire.It will work fine.