Color formating in Summary number / Summary change Viz.



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A PO is asking if it would be possible to change the colour of summary change ( or summary number - depending on the metric, I use either one or the other ).

So I came up with various ideas . Either showing the data sources (freeforms) with a Conditional formating, or be trying to tweek the metric with another calculated metric, since polarity can be configured ( and also there might be IF conditions on the functions ).

Has anyone tryed this ? Normalizing metrics to show diferent colours depending on a turning value (other than 0) ?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




That certainly seems plausible, however color customization has not yet been fully introduced into workspace yet.

You are totally welcome to play around with workspace settings, but it seems like report builder with excel's conditional formatting would be a lot easier to work with, and have more customization options available.

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