Cloud Migration - Any way to view legacy platform?

darrenw44581261 04-05-2018

Hi All,

My company is being migrated in due course to the marketing cloud - I set up a new account and linked it to my legacy account and got access, but, it doesn't look like our admins have fully set up everything in the new portal yet, ergo I have limited visibility, none of my reports are there etc.

I'm trying to go back to the legacy version whilst the admins sort the new stuff out, but I can't find a way and it seems like I'm effectively cut off from the data and my saved/favourite reports.  Is there a way to view the legacy portal at all?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Waqas_Rafiq 09-05-2018

Sounds like they have disabled legacy login. They need to get access to the migration tool (which can be requested from Adobe Analytics support). This way the adobe members of your team can migrate your old user over to your new login. That's unfortunately the only way, as it sounds like legacy login is disabled (they should have accounted for that before closing down the legacy method.. a shame).


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

darrenw44581261 07-05-2018

Hi Waqas,

Thanks for your reply - when I go to the old login screen you mention and type in my existing credentials it auto forwards to the new cloud that hasn't been set up.  I did read somewhere that there is a toggle that allows viewing of the legacy platform - perhaps that is currently disabled?  I'm in a bit of a pickle as our chief Adobe chap is on holiday all of this week so would appreciate all ideas.



Waqas_Rafiq 04-05-2018

Hi Darren,

Sounds like you are using the adobe experience cloud to login. If the company you are working for hasn't turned off the legacy login method, you can always go to, type in your company details, username and password. That way you can retrieve all your "old" reports. However, they will need to contact adobe support and setup a migration process for users that currently have access to adobe analytics and link the accounts from adobe analytics with the experience cloud login.

Hope it helps..