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Hello AA Community!

I wanted to see if there is a way in workspace to find out the number of clicks on a page? I used Click Map but it's not the most user friendly nor accurate tool.

Any ideas?


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Accepted Solutions (1)



If you want to see this data in work-space than add the free-form table. Select Custom link dimension and respective instance metrics and apply the page name(dimension) filter. It will extract all the link clicks associated with this page and you can see the data related to each link click. Hope this will help.


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Answers (3)




I have a similar issue. I have the web extension and it just shows zero link clinks for all the pages. Let me know if you found any solution.



Hi Brian,

Yes, I use activity map (both the in browsers plug-in and in workspace) and apply the page URL parameter get click instances. But I keep getting inconsistent data. For example, when I use the browser plug in or Activity Map I get the same number of clicks on all links in a page regardless of the time period (see attached screenshot) which to me sounds off. Also, when I use the same page in workspace and use activity map as a dimension, I get totally different numbers. Is this a data layer issue for me? or there is a work around it?clicks.PNG




Hi alanoudfahad,

You mention "ClickMap" but ActivityMap is the latest version of the tool. Can you verify if you were using ClickMap or ActivityMap?

Ultimately, Workspace and ActivityMap report on the same underlying data so it largely depends on what data you're sending to Analytics. For example, if you send in specific click or link-tracking hits to Analytics then Workspace and ActivityMap can report on them.