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I am going to assume it's no but I thought I would check will others here first.


We have a some evars that have saint classifications for them, so for example evar1 might be "LAX" and there is a classification which changes this to "Los Angeles International Airport". Historically these uploads have been done manually and are a huge pain, however recently this data has been made available to us in the data layer.


I am aware that I could change the structure of the data from "LAX" to "LAX|Los Angeles International Airport" however I fear doing this will mess up trended / historical data.


One work around I have thought of would be to create a new classification based on the original value but this seems quite convoluted. Does anybody know if there of passing classification values another way?





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Accepted Solutions (1)



If the airport value is now available within the data layer, does that relationship also exist in a data warehouse you can access via sql?

We have a lot of workflows where we automate the export of eVars in which a classified value does not exist, run those values through sql, and then using FTP push back up to Adobe.

Another option would be to store the full name in a different eVar and then export the correlated eVar values to then upload back into the classification.

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