Classifications builder rules not behaving as expected




We're having some trouble getting our classifications working as expected, in particular the sub-classifications. For reference, below is the current configuration, the rules within classification builder and some example values.

The sub-classification we're having trouble with is In Stock Y/N (cl_v47), which is populating with a lot of Unspecified values. As you can see from the classification rules, it corresponds with rules 6-8 and I've tried the Rule Type below and its regex equivalent, and both end up at the same result - lots of Unspecified. It's been there for a week now so the data has had more than enough time to process.

I'm hoping it's something relatively obvious that I'm missing, but I can't work it out.

Classification structure


Current classification rules


How the data is pulling through - as you can see there's a lot of Unspecified for the classification, even though many of these values satisfy the criteria above


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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