Classification rule to differentiate 0 and non-zero



I need tt classify the stock position as Y(if value > 0) or N (if value = 0). Since numeric classification is not available, I tried a brute force approach - creating 10 rules with "starts with" (see screenshot).

This has worked for non-zero values, but failed validation if the value is 0.

What are other options?

Thank youtd_capture1002.JPG

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




use a workaround:

- Rule 1: set regex "*" to "N" (everything...)

- Rule 2: set regex "^[1-9]" to "Y"

first, all vaules get "N", but those matching the Rule 2 will get "Y" ...

remark: the classification will take the last match, just use the test interface...