Classification manual upload vs FTP notifications

emilyh85643426 31-08-2017

I have been testing out both methods for getting metedata loaded and have noticed some differences. Below are some of the questions I have.

  1. When I performed a manual upload it told me “Successfully uploaded rows”, “Rows with Collisions”, “Rows that had no effect”. When I do the FTP I only get a genaric email notification with no details. Is this all of the information I can get for the FTP method?Is there another way to find out the details of what happened with my FTPed file?
  2. I’m assuming that the “Rows with collisions” has to do with if I checked the “overwrite data on conflicts” check box. Is this correct?  I ran a test where I didn’t check the checkbox and changed most of the data and the rows where the data was changed showed in the "Rows with Collisions" count.
  3. On one of the attempts with the manual upload I received the message about the first column must be primary key, I did finally get it to load but if a similar issue arose with the FTP method would I get a notificationof the failure?
  4. Do you have an example of what a failure email looks like? Every attempt with FTP seems to generate a success email.

Thanks for your help!


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

  1. Yes, FTP failure emails are also sent.
  2. You are correct.
  3. Yes, you would be notified of failure
  4. I get an email from no-reply with the title of 'Failure in Classification export'. It gives me the status, company, report suite, variable, and export method (FTP). It also gives me the fail reason.

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