Classification File Import from FTP



I am importing a classification file of 110 MB from the FTP. I have put the .tab  file with the data and .fin file (without data) on the ftp.

I want to know post putting the data in the ftp will the file be picked up automatically? or do it need to click something?

Also is my method correct of putting the .tab file with data (110 mb) and .fin file without data.


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Hi Guys,

thanks for sharing the information, I am able to upload the file through FTP. I have another doubt related to the same.

If i have more than 1 file to be uploaded from FTP, do i keep 1 .fin file and multiple .tab file on the FTP?

or do I have to create multiple ftp for multiple files and place the files in separate ftps?



Nothing need to be done after tab and fin files are uploaded. you just need to be sure that you upload the tab file first and then upload the fin file. Adobe will pickup it automatically.