Classification evar/prop and server side forwording in AA

ajaym75199991 22-10-2019

In our one of the application, we are capturing evar and prop through Launch as well as we have setup the server side forwarding for those evar and prop.

Ex evar = age & prop = pagename

We also have classified evar & prop which contains values for multiple classifies columns under those evar & prop


evar = CustomData & it has 2 classfified columns col1 & col2.

and prop = CustomOptions & it has classified coloumns as option1& option 2

We would like to setup server side forwarding for (col1, col2 & option1, option 2). Is it possible? if yes does AAM(audience manager) can easily use col1, col2 & option1 & option 2 individually for segmentation? How to setup the server side forwording for classified evar or prop?


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