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Hi everyone,

I have a quite urgent need to resolve an issue concerning the population of campaign reports of newly added data. These data had been imported via the classification importer (browser import option) tool, in this way: I downloaded (via the browser export tool) the old data .tab file; then I added new rows with new data (with tracking-codes as keys, etc...) and finally I imported the whole new file via the classification import tool. 

The problem is that I cannot see any of the newly added tracking codes in the reports (the campaigns supposedly started on december 1st...). I get only a sad "No data match these criteria. Please verify the segment, metrics, date range and filters." The reports aren't populated at all. Why?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Francesco,

Have the tracking code (key values) you are checking for, been collected in the reporting yet i.e. are they reflecting in the default report (Campaign> Tracking Code) as line items?

Classification data would only show for key values post their collection in reporting.

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Answers (2)



When using and resaving older template files make sure encoding is not an issue. Some programs like excel can change encoding so when you try and upload it fails.

Try a text editor when adding new rows then resaving template file.

Also make sure you check overwrite data if applicable.

good luck




How much time has past since you uploaded the classifications vs. checking the reports? It generally takes 24-48h for data to show up in the classified reports (assuming the key has been recorded)