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I am new to Adobe Analytics and would like to know if I can pull a report that will let me know the following:

1) Was Chat Button on page/available to be clicked?

2) Was Chat Button clicked?

3) How to pull the reporting for the Chat Button (Custom Event perhaps)?

I recognize that I can track volume of activity to a particular page on a site but would like to know if I can track difference of landing on the page versus entering into and interaction via the Chat Button (this may not be formal name of item the user selects to chat, but what I thought would be easy identifier for this question).

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Have a great day!

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Accepted Solutions (1)



To find this information you'll need some implementation. You'll want to have two custom events fire: one when a user is presented with the chat button, and another when the user clicks the button.

You'll be able to see volume and clickthrough, but also on which pages people see/click on the button.

For the first event, I recommend a page load rule that looks for a specific html element unique to the chat button, such as a div or section with a specific class. When it sees your chat button it fires

     s.linkTrackVars = 'events';

     s.linkTrackEvents = 'event1'; = 'event1';

For the second event, I recommend a event based rule that listens for clicks on that same specific html element unique to the chat button. It should be an; rule so that it does not increment a pageview. You'll probably also want to delay link activation. When it sees the click it fires

     s.linkTrackVars = 'events';

     s.linkTrackEvents = 'event2'; = 'event2';

The event numbers above assume you're not currently using those events to track something else. You would do the above in DTM, with the code in the custom code of the Adobe Analytics section. Then in Adobe Analytics you'd configure the event.


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What is a Custom Event?

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Happy to assist you. You can able to see more data on Adobe Analytics if you really enabled for the particular suite. Please provide screenshot and live URL to check whether those are capturing on your suite or not.

You can refer the custom conversion and custom traffic for your more data. Since those are the custom areas which will track all this buttons and other links if you have enabled from your side.

Thank you,