Changing all users' identity types from Adobe ID to Enterprise ID?



Hey everyone!

Hoping someone would be able to offer some insight! Our company has completed the migration. I have all of my users in the Admin Console but need to change their existing identity types from Adobe ID to Enterprise IDs.

I found this link: Migrate Analytics user accounts for Enterprise and Federated IDs - I actually tried a "test" user to see if

- downloading the existing users

- changing Adobe ID to Enterprise ID

- re-uploading the csv file

would work - but obviously no

Was hoping it would work (lol) - is someone able to offer a recommendation? does this mean I have to create new users and set them as Enterprise IDs?

Thanks for any support


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Accepted Solutions (1)





Please reach out to and we will help in changing the identity type from Adobe IDs to Enterprise IDs.

On a side note, why weren't the users migrated directly to Enterprise IDs; instead of moving them to Adobe IDs and then changing the identity types to Enterprise IDs? It would have been so easy.


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