Capturing analytics from a webpart in two report suites



- We have a SharePoint application. The application captures analytics in one report suite.
- On this page we have added a webpart that acts as its own application within the page and collects analytics in a separate report suite.  The webpart uses the same URL as the original application with a redirect at the end of it (#rediretpage).
- The problem is that the page that contains the webpart is now being captured in the 2nd report suite, that is for the web part analytics and not in the initial report suite.  This action stops us from getting accurate page view and visit counts on the initial page.

Does anyone have any recommendations to fix this?

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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I'm guessing there is some overlap in your implementations. In order to have two Analytics implementations on the same page you need to change the Analytics variable name. Typically this is the s object on normal implementation.

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