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Hi Adobe Community,

Sorry if this is a newbie question.

I am implementing Adobe Analytics using Javascript. For some values like page title, I can assign it when the page load.

However, I noticed that some of our metrics cannot be captured this way. For values updated from Ajax call, these values do not depend on page load.   how can we capture them?  Are there functions / plugins that can help? Any examples?


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Accepted Solutions (1)



yuanb​ : You could create here a event based rule with s.t() call in DTM if triggers any event while navigating to next action.

Another approach can be creating a direct call rule with help of developer and assign adobe parameters to it (Create conditions for direct-call rules ). This would be perhaps best and feasible solutions.

Other solutions can be use of local storage keys /data layer based keys where you could set page title once key is set in the browser.

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