cannot get Media Cost via DFA Connector

queeniew9774440 18-07-2016

hi All,

i have check through the steps provided in FAQ below but still cannot fix. any one faced same issue and has a solution ? many thanks!

"Cost metrics have to be both turned on from both the Google DFA side, and supplied in the DFA interface, as well as turned on in the Genesis wizard. The first place to verify is that you have mapped a SiteCatalyst event for DFA Media Cost, and supplied a currency code. If you have mapped the Media Cost event, and finish and save the wizard, the DFA omnitureCostData flag will be turned on in the DFA API. This will signal to Google that the metrics should be sent in the nightly file. You can double check via the DFA interface that omnitureCostData is enabled by looking at properties on the integrated Floodlight. Finally, after checking these two places, ensure that the ads that are part of the integrated Floodlight specify cost data and cost structures. If cost data is not provided in the DFA interface, it will not show up in Analytics."

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