Cannot create new Data Feed




I was attempting to setup our first Data Feed and when clicking the "+ Add" button I do not get the expected dialog, instead I get this error...

Screenshot (2).png

I also tried "Create A New Feed" from the Jobs tab. Same error. I have also tried three browsers, rebooting, alternate logins, and report suites. Same error for several days now. I am an Admin.

Has anyone seen this before? Does anyone have a solution?

Thanks, John

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You are correct about not having to select a RS, I was just asking to see if you had tried it multiple ways and still getting the same error. I am working on asking some colleagues if they have seen this before and if so what was the cause / fix.

When you say you are an admin, if you go into Admin/User Management under the Access section do you have access to all options and also have the radio button checked?

If you don't want to put it on a public forum, feel free to email me the company you work for and I will see if I can see anything that looks out of the ordinary without getting deep like client care will be able to.

I didn't' ask this and should have but have any other data feeds been set up?