Cannot connect to Adobe Analytics from AEM (authentication problem)

khoan16352236 28-02-2017


I'm trying to connect to Adobe Analytics from AEM Cloud Services configuration but cannot succeed. But I can access to Adobe Analytics Dashboard (Adobe Marketing Cloud) successfully via Adobe ID. The document to reproduce this issue is attached below. Can you have a look and help me ? Where we can get exact username to log in to AA ?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Answers (5)

han_ting 01-03-2017

Hi hyderziaee & Khoa,


Thanks for advice, while I still can't connect Analytics by share password.

Maybe something was wrong, I'll keep trying.


Thank you.

khoan16352236 01-03-2017

Hi hyderziaee,

Resolved. Thanks a lot. I could find some username in that page.

@han ting : do to admin > user managements page and try to enter new password 


han_ting 28-02-2017


I can't connect to Adobe Analytics too. It show different message.

I 've tried Adobe ID & Analytics account & password . Both was fail.

(AEM start by quickstart)