Can we extract (CSV) more than 400 rows in Adobe Analytics "Workspace" ?



Hello everyone,

I tried to figure how to extract to CSV excel, more than the 400 rows broadcasted in the Workspace display tables in Adobe Analytics. The thing is, I can't go more than 400 rows...

Concretly, I need to extract data (it's web traffic per minute) from past 3 months. So, that represents a huge numbers of raws. 3 600 minutes per day (400 rows per extract), that's 4 extracts per day, multiplicate per 90 days = 360 extracts... knowing I have to grouped them in one unique file.

Does someone experimented the same issue or know have to upgrade this number.
In "Report" view, the more granularity time data is per hour, and I absolutely need minute.

Thanks a lot for your help.



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hello Dylan,

You can now download more than 400 Rows in Workspace using 'Download Items as CSV) on your Dimension Right Click. The August 2020 release has the notes and the detail to download the same. Check out the link here.

Thank You!


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