Can't get rid of All Visits in Funnel Visualization

KatieC1503 07-06-2018

I've been building some Funnel Visualizations in Workspace, and clicked the x to get rid of the 'All Visits' summary at the top. However when I save the Workspace and then close and re-open, the summary number has returned. Is this a bug or expected behaviour? I want to get rid of it because its not relevant to the funnel and I don't want it to be mis interpreted by stakeholders. Doesn't make sense that you can click an x to remove but then it keeps coming back?Funnel Remove All Visits.png

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


This is an issue on Adobe's end. It is currently being tracked via AN-165990 - there's no progress on the bug yet since it is considered minor right now, but if there's any future movement on it I'll let this thread know.

Answers (5)

Answers (5)

KatieC1503 11-06-2018

I am able to remove it by clicking the x on the right hand side as in my first screenshot, but after saving and reloading the project it reappears. So that suggests to me it should be removeable, but seems to be a bug where it keeps coming back! Does that happen for you?

Mia_C 08-06-2018

I see what you mean now.  I tried on mine and was able to replicate it. The only thing it lets me do is "edit label," but even that will leave the number and green box.  May be worth submitting as an Idea to remove it completely - I agree, it's very annoying and can be misleading.

KatieC1503 08-06-2018

Thanks Mia,

Yes I have that option unchecked but that only removes 'All Visits' as a touchpoint in the funnel, not the summary number at the top of the panel.

Mia_C 07-06-2018

Have you tried to remove it from the settings of the Fallout visualization itself?  That's where I remove it when I use this type of report and it always works for me.