Can I use the within and after operators with a exclusion container?



I am trying to build a sequential segment that looks how long it takes customers to checkout from their first cart add.

For example, I want to see how many customers checkout exactly on the 2nd day from their first cart add.

I've used the following segment logic.

The segment is at the visitor level.
First container: Hit where first cart add exist
Then within 1 day: Hit where checkout does not exist
Then after 1 day but within 2 days: Hit where checkout exists

I specifically want to exclude customers who checked out within one day as I only want the customers that took 2 days to checkout.
However I'm not sure if the after and within operators can be used with exclusion containers.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



In this case I would set it up like this.

Visitor Level Segment:

Visit container: Cart Addition exists and Orders does not exist

Then after 1 day & Within 2 days

Visit container: Orders exist

You wouldn't really need exclusion containers in this case since it will only include visitors that added to cart & didn't order until the 2nd day.

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