Can I send specific data to different Report Suite on a different Adobe Analytics account/organization?




  • Group-A & Group-B both have separate Adobe Analytics accounts.
  • Group-A can customize the current javascript implementation on their website.
  • Group-B wants a small set of data from a specific user event on Group-A's website to be sent to Group-B's Report Suite
    • (We need to send Group-B some link click data)

My understanding so far:

  • The function can be used to change the Report Suite ID on the fly
    • This would allow Group-A to toggle between report suites when specific user events occur. ::thumbs up::
      • I assume this only works for Report Suites in my Analytics account.

We would prefer to implement this via custom code instead of VISTA rules.

Is it possible to send data to a different organization's suite?


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Yes, this is definitely possible. Just make extra sure you test and validate the data in both report suites in a dev environment before rolling it out Live.

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Answers (1)



I believe you can, in the same beacon, only if they use the same data center. Not sure about the billing implications, though (do they both pay the secondary beacon rate?).