Can I send multiple products in a Transaction ID ( Purchase ID)




I'm a new to Analytics.

I want to track 'order' events with Data source.

And I have a problem with it.

If a user ordered multiple products, I should send this as multiple rows to Data source.

But the problems is that order count is increased as many as number of products.

I'd like to make order unique.

Can Any one know how to solve this?

Thanks in advance

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Contrary to what you have heard, online and offline data will not be tied in summary data source, as there is no binding dimension.

Partial data is tied in using transactionid within transaction ID data source

If you want to tie the data to the user, you need visitorID, which is mandatory in full processing data source.

Note, full processing data source is still not the same as sending data in a server call. It is the only data source where you can send in traffic and other dimensions apart from conversion dimensions like browser, user agent, referrer, etc.

I know that the problem you have mentioned, is not new, and I have seen others face this as well. It is difficult to implement cause of the way the data sources is structured, and in particular the behaviour of the product variable. I cannot guarantee a solution, but let you know of the pros and cons of the different types.

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Hi Rafiq,

Thank you for your answer! But I'm not sure if I can use comma on products for a data source.

I thought comma can not be used because I saw below sentence form data source guide.(Transaction ID and Visitor Profiles )

". Note that you can specify only one product per row, so you might need to upload multiple rows with the same transaction ID to include all products"

Can you let me know a sample?

I attached  a template.

# Order Status template file (user: 2871929 ds_id: 3)

# Products eCommerce - Order Status (v56) PurchaseID(v50) Lost Revenue Lost Orders Lost Units Revenue Order Units Purchase ID

Date Product Evar 56 Evar 50 Event 9 Event 7 Event 8 Price Orders Quantity transactionID

Thank you very much!



As far as I know, I've heard that on-off line data will not be connected if I use full processing type.

So I can't use that type.

Do you know any reference of another company?

In most e-commerce, people can buy various products in an order.

I think many people have experienced this problem to upload data with data source about the order.

To summary -  I'd like to know how to upload with data source all the product information without increasing the order count.




Hi Hwang,

You are correct that only one product can be specified per row in transaction ID data sources, which would increase the order count.

If you must absolutely use Data sources, then you can only do it through Full processing Data sources. This is the only type that would allow you to mention multiple in a single row. However, things to keep in mind:

  1. You need visitor ID, page URL (or page name), and mid
  2. This is the only data source type that has cost associated. Each row is counted as a server call
  3. You need correct timestamp config for your report suite, if you are sending in historical data.

Always test data sources in a dev report suite, before setting it up in prod.



In a data source file, you just set the products as you would do in a web implementation. There a plenty of examples here: products  on how to set the product string. It's no different for a data source. If a user buys multiple product at the same time, you send that as one line as the transactionId for that user would be a unique ID. Have you started by creating a template in data source?