Can I roll back From Adobe Launch to Adobe DTM the web property which is migrated



Hi Team,


I have migrated the DTM to Adobe Launch due to some issue I want to roll back can I do that ? If yes, can you please let me know the steps to follow.


If no can I use both the Adobe DTM and Adobe Launch properties ?


EX: If I want to Publish new implementation in Launch as I have not disabled the DTM Property can I use both DTM for earlier tracking and Launch for any new implementations Tracking.





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Yes, you can use the DTM Web Property if at the time of the migration you unchecked the option of disabling the web property. Furthermore, ensure the migrated Web Property does not use the DTM Embed Code during the time of you using the DTM.



From a production perspective, which ever is published most recently, either DTM or Launch, is the one that will be available in your production environment.

For all other environments it would be based on which embed code is in place (DTM embed code mapped to DTM, Launch Embed Code Mapped to Launch).

There is not an out of the box mechanism to have some of the deployment on production be from Launch and some be from DTM.  And trying to do so would likely be a poor idea.