Can I replicate "Next Page URL" report in DWH?




we store the page's URL as a prop to look at pathing reports. However we encounter the (Low traffic) limitation sometimes in the normal reporting.

To avoid this I'd like to use DWH: Is there a way to replicate the "Next prop" in DWH? I've seen there's pathing reports available, but not for the customized ones.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Dear Alvin,

Previous and Next Pages are only available in the Data Warehouse. Even if you enable pathing for the custom prop, those will not appear in Data Warehouse, since the feature is not available in Data Warehouse right now: Refer link : Data Warehouse Best Practices.

But you can manually replicate the path using Data Feed. But Data Feed is raw data without processing and thus you might need to calculate everything : Refer Analytics Data Feed.

Thank You!


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Because data warehouse processes raw individual hits, it is unable to look holistically at visits/visitors. Because of this, several things (like pathing) is not available using this tool.

Each tool has give/take to it. For Data Warehouse, the processing architecture allows it to provide unlimited cardinality at the cost of several features, such as pathing.