Can I have more than one s.ActivityMap.regionIDAttribute



I recently changed my s.ActivityMap.regionIDAttribute to "region_id" but I still wanted activity map to default to "id" if "region_id" was not set. I thought this was the default behavior but I'm noticing activityMap returning a regionID of "BODY" when "region_id" is not defined. Can I pass an array or a delimited string to s.ActivityMap.regionIDAttribute to have it try "region_id" and then fall back to "id" or will it only ever take one identifier?

-- Nick

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Nick,

Setting conditions to fall back to "id" when "region_id" should not be a problem. You will need to modify "AppMeasurement ActivityMap Module" file.

Below example returns "BODY" when parentNode is not available, here you can make an update to return "id" in while coding block.

s.ActivityMap.region = function(ele){

var className,

classNames = {

'header': 1,

'navbar': 1,

'left-content': 1,

'main-content': 1,

'footer': 1,


  while( (ele && (ele = ele.parentNode))){

if( (className=ele.className) && classNames[className]){

return className;



return "BODY";


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Answers (1)



So what I finally ended up doing was below. It takes either the defined activitymap.regionIDAtttribute or uses "region_id". If it can't find either of those and hit 'id' first it uses that. All else fails it returns 'body'

   e.region = function (a) {

   for (var d, b = e.regionIDAttribute || "region_id"; a && (a = a.parentNode);) {

   if (d = q(a, b, b, b)) return d;

   if (d = q(a, 'id', 'id','id')) return d;

   if ("BODY" == a.nodeName) return "BODY"